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Highlighting & Concealing: When highlighting and concealing, Laura applies to the areas of the face you want to bring forward and this is going to help create that natural glow. Laura uses a concealer 2-3 shades lighter than your foundation shade. Her personal favourite is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, because it has a really nice peachy undertone so it actually cancels out discolourations underneath the eye, so for example, if you have purple undertones or dark circles this is really going to help cancel it out. Laura says, it also does help to have that brightening affect that we want when concealing and highlighting the face.

Contouring: When Laura begins the contouring step in an application the first step is figuring out what face shape her client has, because everyone’s face is different. Contouring gives shape to an area of the face and enhances the facial structure with makeup. It is really important because this is the step that is really going to slim down any features and bring them back with adding shadows and dimension such as the forehead, underneath the cheekbones, the nose and jawline.

Airbrush Makeup

Why Airbrush Application?

  • Lightweight.
  • Luminous.
  • Flawless finish.
  • Long Lasting.
  • 92% of airbrush users say skin looks more awake and hydrated.
  • Instant, effortless skin perfection.


Laura has been using airbrush makeup on her clients for quite some time, and a lot of the time they haven’t used it before and they’re a little bit nervous and hesitant; “oh what is airbrush,” “I am not really sure about it,” “what does it feel like”. But as soon as she is finished her application, her clients realize how much they actually love it, and how lightweight it feels. Laura says, you get that red carpet, flawless finish that we all love and want. What is so great about airbrush is it doesn’t feel or look “cakey,” which is exactly what you look for in a makeup application. Airbrush is great you can apply foundation, blush, contour and highlight all with Airbrush makeup. When using an airbrush machine, Laura sprays 2-3 inches away from the face, using small, circular motions until reaching the desired coverage that her client is looking for. What Laura loves about airbrush makeup is it acts like a magic eraser, to correct any imperfections on your skin, but without making it look like you’re not wearing anything.

Colour Correction & Colour Theory

When concealing and colour correcting, Laura’s personal go to product is the NYX Colour Correcting Concealer. This palette has 6 coloured concealers, Laura says, once you learn the colour coating of how to apply the concealer and where to correct on the areas of the face you are going to get that flawless face, we all want.

Concealer (matches your skin tone):Used for melasma (brown or grey patches on the skin).
Green: Neutralize areas of redness ie: acne.
Pink (salmon colour):Brightening around the eye area (ie: dark circles).
Yellow:To cover up veins, or cancel out any bruising.
Purple: To neutralize any type of yellow undertones.

Bridal Makeup

You’re wedding day is the most magical and special day of your life. Laura is on top of the most recent trends in both the beauty and bridal industry. She has worked on various amounts of different ethnicities and she knows how to work with you and understand not just what you want, but also what you need in order to fully realize the perfect look based on your skin type, facial structure, complexion, and preferences. Laura has never had a dissatisfied bride in all of her years in the industry, and in fact most of her business is from referrals from satisfied customers. During your trial, Laura will consult with you about your wants and needs and will try different looks on your face so that she and you can truly determine what looks and works best for you. Laura will help you find the perfect look for your unique face that will compliment and enhance your natural beauty. When you’re satisfied, Laura documents everything to make sure it’s replicated exactly that way on the day of you’re wedding. Laura does her absolute best to give her brides exactly what they want, while also helping them realize what works best for them.

Special Fx

Laura took extensive courses at Canadian Beauty College in order to use materials such as liquid latex, spirit gum, fake blood, and other products that she uses to create realistic-looking characters. Realism is the goal of all special effects makeup artists. Laura has created the appearance of bruises, cuts, old age, and more. Special effects makeup artists are different from regular makeup artists: Instead of beautifying actors and actresses, they often spend their time doing the exact opposite.


Laura has worked behind the scenes in Toronto based films as a key makeup artist; she was in charge of the makeup department. Laura is creative with her craft; she listens to the directors, actors, and producers so that she can achieve the desired results and make the lovely actresses or actors camera ready.